Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday night memories......

As a kid I lived for the weekends like most young people. We had so much fun going to the Drive in movies, Skateland, spending the night at friends homes, Pizza Hut, and watching horror movies. There was nothing better than putting in a good VHS tape of something that would make us walk each other to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

In Middle School the popular horror movie was Nightmare on Elm St. I would stay at my best friends every weekend and we would stay up all night telling ghost stories, playing records, and watching TV.

Once in awhile we would all meet at the local skating rink. They would have contest on who could skate backwards the fastest, I must say that I won that one just about every weekend. I would not be able to do that to save my life now.

I can remember one time where we bought home perms and decided to practice on one another's hair, bad idea! It was awful. I have never had a perm since then.

We would also ride around the local fast food joints just to catch a glimpse of whoever we had a crush on that week.

I remember putting on Jordache jeans and using a closehanger to zip them up! They were so tight!

Of course we would lay in bed and talk on the phone for hours, long before texting and cell phones, what would kids do today without a cell phone!

I remember playing spin the bottle with the nieghborhood kids, we always had such fun. It was really innocent, nothing like what todays kids seem to be doing. Oh, makes me worry for my kids!

Oh to be young again, the time goes by so fast. I always tell my kids that they need to enjoy this time, one day they will look back and wonder where it went.

Did I mention that this was a BAD idea for 2 young girls to do by themselves? haha!

Remember this? Good food and better times!

Do you remember this from Pizza Hut?

I cant forget the endless hours that we spent talking on the phone late into the night. I love this phone.

We still love going to the drive in with our kids, its so much fun!

Who remembers going to Skateland? I loved this place!

I still LOVE watching these cheesy 80s horror flicks.

Playing records was always a good time.

Don't forget the tighter the jeans, the better they look!

Of course no weekend would be complete without a game of spin the bottle! Remember that one?

What are some of your favorite childhood memories? I would love to read them.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year! 2016!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great beginning to the New Year. I am looking forward to some good things this year, lets make it better than last! I am sharing some cool vintage pics of celebrating the New Year in the past. Hope you enjoy!

Drink up!

Wanna Dance?!

                                             Lucy & Desi

                                         I hope its a great one!

                                           Debbie Reynolds

                                             Jayne Mansfield

                        I never forget our Military & all they sacrifice.

                                         Happy New Year!

                          Haha!! Looks like someone is having a great time!

                      Its happens.