Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year

As you can tell I am not very good at blogging, however I would like for that to change as part of my New Years changes. I know most people don't keep up with them but I am willing to try. I have spent a lot of this past year stressing over things and I really feel like I am now ready to change that. Its only when YOU decide to stop allowing people, or things around you, to not stress you out that you can really change. I look back over the past year and if I could calculate the amount of time I spent worrying I think I would be ashamed. As a wife and mother there are better things I need to focus on. So enough about my pity party, how do you all need to change? What positive things would you like to see this next year? I would love to blog more, I love to write but with 3 kids and homeschool sometimes that is on the back burner but its truly my passion. Since I was a young girl all the way until young adulthood I would journal, its therapy too many. I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and I pray that you have a AWESOME year!! Be safe and careful those who are traveling during this holiday season....Love to all~ Shelby

Friday, December 2, 2011


This past week my youngest has been feeling a little under the weather. Why is it that its the only time they are good? Its takes a cold and slight fever to get them to relax! I guess its their bodies way of telling them to chill out! I hate when my babies are sick. I will let them sleep in bed with me and put hubby on the couch, not that he minds because he gets to watch tv and stay up late to a quiet living room. I love the extra cuddle time with the kids, they grow up so fast. I was laying in bed thinking about how fast they are growing and I suddenly had this overwhelming feeling that one day this will all be over, I will not be able to cuddle them like this. They will eventually move out of my house, have their own families and children to cuddle with. It was quite scary, my whole life is my family and suddenly I had this feeling that one day when they are gone and its just me and their daddy what will I do? I know it may seem a little premature since I have many years still with them but, eventually, it will happen and I don't like it. I hope and pray that I can learn to enjoy and take every day minute to minute...It seems like we are always rushing to do the next thing and I want to try to slow it down a bit. My dad often tells me that he misses the "pitter patter" of the little feet running across the floor. I now can imagine what it must feel like. So with the holidays approaching and all the family activities going on I am going to try and learn how to relax and really appreciate the time we have. It goes so fast and I don't want to miss a thing!