Saturday, February 25, 2012

"That thing you do"

This is for our viewing pleasure this Saturday evening....LOVE this movie, ah, the good ole days......I would love to go back for just 1 day to see what it would be like to live in that time.
If you could go back for 1 day what era would you choose and why? I choose the 50s because I love the way they dressed, the cars, and the music. Just the overall fashion itself fascinates me, I am sure it was a pain to wear a dress at all times, or a girdle and women ALWAYS had their hair done and makeup. I just love, love, love it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crying, Crackers and Chaos!

Crying, Crackers and Chaos pretty much sum up my morning. Kids are at the table having some breakfast and instead of sitting quietly and eating they decided to fight over the crackers, as if having their own pack wasn't enough, smash them EVERYWHERE and then cry! So I am trying to sip my coffee while stalking Facebook in the corner on my chair ignoring them and it wasn't working to well. Why is it that Mr.Retro can watch a movie as long as "Gone with the Wind" and be oblivious to the noises around him but I hear one whimper and I am up and tending to everyone, Argh. Sometimes I wish I had that in me where I could sleep through a hail storm! Thats a skill I need to master! Kids are so unpredictable, while I am cleaning the cracker mess off the floor and my back is killing me, they all are sitting at the table the next minute watching "Little Angels" as if they were ones themselves. Its these moments that sum up the word "Mommy" and I love every minute of it, well sometimes...Hope you all have a great day with your little angels.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This morning while posting pictures of older country homes I couldn't help but think of my grandparents who I loved dearly and who have passed. Both parents on my mothers side were born in the same town in Va, and it was a SMALL town, but they had never met until sometime in the early 50s when they both attended a Military Dance in DC with friends. While there they met one another and had NO clue they lived in the same town, minutes from one another. Well needless to say they fell in love and had my mama and the rest of their family. I think about them a lot and miss them so much, I like to think that one day I will see them again and I can't wait, well I can, but you know what I mean. I cherish those memories so much. Oh the good ole days, If only I had one more hour for my grandpa to tell me about them.....

Monday, February 20, 2012


Today I have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for the ability to homeschool our kids even though they are driving me crazy as I type! There is ALWAYS one thats either crying or fighting but I am praying in the midst of it all there is a lesson to be learned, patience for mama I think it is! I definitely don't have the patience that I once had. It seems like I am always in a hurry to move on to the next thing, I really wish I could learn how to relax a bit, maybe cut back on my coffee? Nah, thats not happening. Maybe I will just use earplugs, some days I really wish I could. Do you ever just wish it were quiet in your house? Just for 5 minutes? I know that sounds selfish to some but when you are with the kids 24/7 its nice to have 5 of those minutes in silence. I am so blessed to stay at home with them and they are my world but sometimes we need to take a little time for ourselves so we can ENJOY them more. My mom always told me "you need time for yourself so you can be the best mother you can" I never understood that comment or maybe I thought it sounded selfish but I do think its so true. So this evening when I take my shower before bed it will be at least 5 minutes of silence! So today thats what I am thankful for, a shower, and I am sure those around are thankful for that too :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Morning

What a sad weekend this has turned out to be. Am I the only one who really seems affected when A celebrity passes away? My hubby always says "You didn't know them" while that may be true on a person level, I grew up to Whitney Houston. I hear her songs and I can remember where I was usually with each one! "The greatest love of all" was my elementary school song, we sung that during music class and even during an assembly so in a sense I do feel like I knew her. As humans there is that compassion in each of us, especially moms, that really makes you want to reach out to her family and her daughter during this extremely sad time. My heart is heavy, I am praying for them all. I am so thankful today for being here, just to wake up is a gift not to be taken lightly. Its sounds so cliche but everyday is a gift and we need to be thankful for each one. So thats really the thing that has been on my mind and while I want to stay true to blogging on Mondays about the things I am thankful for this is the one thing I've been thinking about, just to wake up I thank God he has given me another day to be here with my loved ones and family and I plan to make the best of it.
I love the quote "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift thats why they call it the present".

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Music and Memories

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Music has that special way of putting you right back in the moment, doesn't it? I remember as a kid my parents listened to all kinds of good music. Stevie Nicks was one of them. Mr. Petty isn't to shabby himself. I can remember my brothers and I laying in our beds while our parents had card games and listening to all the laughing and music. No matter what I am doing, listening to good music is always one of my favorite things to do.What songs take you back?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Blessings

This has been a "Murphy's Law"day for sure. Its starting to look up though. To keep up with my promise to myself about starting my week with a "Monday Blessing" blog, here I go. I am so thankful for our extended family and friends, we had a Birthday Party this weekend for 2 of our 3 kids and we had many friends and family come and celebrate, my kids are truly blessed to have people in their lives other then their parents that love them so much. It gives me some peace to know that if, God forbid, anything ever happened to me or their dad there would be people there for them. Its so easy this day and age to become disconnected with physically seeing people, we get caught up with dropping an email or text that we lose that bonding in person. We all need to get together with friends and family and spend quality time. I can't wait for the spring so that we can have our cookouts and get outside to visit people more, there is something about seeing everyone in person that makes a good feeling, well most people that is, lol...Of course there is always that one person in the crowd we dread to see but I won't got there. My hubby actually had our kids doing the "face time" with their grandmother the other day which was really neat, just another way though to use technology to talk to each other. I think its a great thing but I don't want it to take the place of still getting together in person with those we can. I think its a great tool to use for those of us who have relatives far away or are limited to seeing others for health reasons, finances or whatever may stop us. To sum up my post, I am happy for my children having people in their lives other then mommy and daddy who love them. I know TOO MANY people who have no relationship with their parents or the grandparents and its really sad, the kids always seem to be the ones to suffer.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Afternoon Delight

I don't think I've ever met one person who has said they don't "Love Lucy", however as much as we love her there were some disturbing things on the show. For instance, ricky always threatened to spank lucy. There is nothing at all ok with that, even if it was the 50s and before most women had a voice its never ok to put your hands on another person. I love watching the show but I did have to explain the other day while watching with our oldest that is not ok to touch your spouse or anyone. Of course we always emphasize to our boys that "you never hit a girl", really you never hit anyone. Domestic Violence or abuse of any kind should never be tolerated. I will continue to watch Lucy, I just love them but it was not uncommon for a wife to be spanked. I am sure my hubby has wanted to spank me on more then one occasion and I know I would love to spank him! Of course we never do it. I love the old days, thats obvious, but I don't like the way women were considered to be beneath the man. I can remember my grandmother telling me that it was not uncommon for a man to spank or hit his wife for not doing the laundry properly, or making dinner on time. I know that my dear grandmother herself was on the end of such abuse quite a few times. While I love to reminisce about "The good ole days" there are many things about it that I am glad no longer exist. The perfect family to me no matter what year we live in is a family where all members are treated equally, with unconditional love, respect and kindness. I just felt I wanted to post this today, no reason in particular and I'm not trying to "bash" lucy's show because that was a way of life for them but I really am glad certain things about the old days have changed and treatment of women being the number 1.