Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Its the great pumpkin Charlie Brown

I can remember as a kid being so excited to watch this show. I loved Charlie Brown, I still do. I can remember sitting with my hair wet and pjs on in front of the TV with some popcorn and my brothers watching this. There was an excitement that came from watching these cartoons, you know why? I will tell you. Its because we ONLY got to watch them during the Holidays! They were not on VHS, DVD, DVR, Youtube, Tivo and any other electronic device or gadget. It seems today that nobody anticipates anything. We know what's going to happen the minute it does thanks to Twitter, Facebook and all the other social networking sites. Not saying it's a bad thing. These things can be of great help but when it comes to simple things like cartoons it seems by the time they come on I am sick of them! I have watched Rudolph 15 times through out the Summer so by Christmas I am over it! I said in a previous post that I am going to start to limit the amount of gadget time that we all have here and I mean it. I want to cut back on the TV, Ipad, X-box and the Wii for a bit. I know it will be hard at first but I am curious to see how well we can handle it. With the Holidays coming up I want to spend more time as a family and not so much on the games. I think sometimes we use them in excess and don't even realize it since we are so used to it. Tonight I can't wait to watch this with my kids. It still reminds me of being a kids myself. I love making memories with them. Have a safe Halloween everyone xoxo

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We survived hurricane Sandy! Thank God! Yesterday I made a huge bed in the living room with enough blankets that it actually felt like a mattress on the floor. My kids were loving the change and were playing like they were camping. Kids and their imaginations will make it through anything. I wish us adults were that way at times. I admit that my biggest concern was our safety first of course, then I was praying to God we didn't lose power! I was dreading the idea of having no TV, computers or iPads with the kids. What would they do? I mean they would be so bored! I then suddenly realized how dependent we are on technology and it made me feel very bad. When we were growing up and the power was out the only thing we missed was maybe a TV show. I would grab a book, we would just tell stories, look at a comic or just converse with one another. We have become so spoiled now that the idea of losing our power makes me cringe! It shouldn't be that way, I need to do something to change that. I know that we live in a society where everything is advanced and these gadgets are everywhere but I really want my kids to NOT be so dependent on them. I am going to try to make some changes in the next week little by little and see how it goes, put a limit on the amount of computer and ipad time. This goes for me too, it wont be easy but I am willing to try. Hey, whats the worse that can happen? I fail? I will feel better knowing we tried and every little change can help. I am not saying do away with them all together but maybe just limit the amount of time on them and pull out some of the good old fashioned board games. This should be fun! I will make sure to blog about this one.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I remember all of these toys as a kid, my brothers are younger then me and I remember them playing with these as well. I love the all of these. There is something about looking at a photo and remembering everything about that time. It literally takes you back to that time and place. I have so many clear memories of growing up. I love reminiscing about them. Its such a happy place to go to.

I remember my mom and dad having this for us and keeping it in the car. It's like the 1st IPad!! Wow, times sure have changed! I remember that all 3 of us would have to wait turns for a toy. Nowadays there is an Ipad or Iphone per child in each family.

~Clackers~ How many knuckles did you bust playing with these? My mom said she played with these as a kid too. I never really understood the concept of this other then just clacking the balls, hence the name, Clackers!

~Strawberry Shortcake~ This was my favorite toy ever! I got one for Christmas and was so happy, she smelled so good. I had the Strawberry Shortcake bedspread and thought I was so cool. I was a total girly girl. I loved pink and purple, my sweet dad even painted my bedroom purple as a surprise for me and I LOVED it!

The Cabbage Patch Kids. My mother and Grandmom stood in line to get me one of these. I remember being so happy on Christmas when I got this. She said she stood in line all morning and then was rushed into the store and almost trampled on, it amazes me what a parent will do for a child during the Holidays. I loved this doll so much that I actually decided she needed her hair cut when I had mine cut, my mom was not to happy.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sexist advertisment

Thank God we have come a long way in this World! This was common advertisement years ago.I can't imagine how any one would sell anything with using this as their ploy! It really is a disgrace!

Ricky would spank Lucy, it was like they were trying to instill in our minds that men were obviously the dominant partner but also a father figure in some creepy way. I hate when I see this stuff. I am so glad times are different. I still love Lucy though.

Yes, even a woman can open a bottle! Who knew!! Wow, this is one that really gets me because it implies that females are dumb. I know many women who are much smarter then some of these men. Just saying.

Wow is pretty much all I can say to this ad. Keep her where she belongs? I have no words.

Yes, us women are very useful. Who would of known that we would of been able to "hold down the fort" while are men were away fighting?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Homeschool Friday

At least 1 day a week It is pretty much anything goes as far as School is concerned. I think its ok to allow the kids to pick out something they want to learn about as long as you are up on their other subjects. This Friday we are talking about urban legends and myths. Perfect timing since its so close to Halloween. My oldest son is so much like me, he loves to learn about History, conspiracy theories, urban legends, myths and all kinds of unexplained things. Netflix has been a wonderful tool to use for School since they have so many documentaries that we can watch as a family. My son wanted to watch something on crop circles so today we will be talking about that and farms. Great combination! I could let him watch the movie "Signs" with Joaquin Phoenix and Mel Gibson but that might be to scary :) This time of year is such a fun time. I love to tell stories and my kids love to listen. They will occasionally make their own up too. Great way to relax and spend time together. I love to homeschool because you can always add a lesson in to anything we are talking about. Here is a picture of a crop circle that my son thought was cool and wanted to share. What are some things that you and your family do this time of year?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Urban Legends

I love to read about Urban Legends and spooky stories especially this time of year. In our state of Maryland there are a lot of Urban Legends that I remember hearing of as a young child and was terrified! One was the Legend of the Goatman, first recorded in 1957, it was said that he was half man, half goat. Ugly creature! Top was a man with horns bottom half was that of a Goat, its said that he would use his horns he had to slice his prey. That's enough to make any young child scared.

We loved to take these stories and share them around the campfires when we would all get together during our family camping vacations. What is it that brings people together while being scared? It brings out these emotions that make us want to gather together and huddle up and just tell our biggest fears to each another.

I remember that my uncle told us when he was younger and out near a local bridge where the kids would hang out they think they seen the Goatman and he was terrified, he was about 19 years old and all the kids were sitting on the grass to the side of the bridge, not quite under it but close enough to where they could still see the water. One thing he says was that it was so dark that night and all you could really see were the lights from the cigarettes people would smoke. They had their coolers and blankets and were just being your typical teenagers when he felt like something was behind him, not sure what it was he remembers looking back and seeing nothing. He said he could not shake the feeling of something or someone being behind him, he looked again and he thought that he seen a Deer so he threw a rock and heard what he thought was a Deer run off. About 30 minutes later he said he seen what looked like a Deer again but this time in front of them down the hill by the water and that he could see it a little better because of the moons reflection and he actually stood to get a better look and when he did he said that it was a man who looked like an animal, he was so freaked out that this animal/man was actually standing and not on all fours like a Deer would be. He started to back up so that he could see better since they were sitting on a hill and the more he backed up the more he could tell that this was not a deer. He called to one of his buddies to get a look at it and by that time the animal starting to move towards them very fast, they took off and didn't even grab the beer. Now, if you knew my Uncle you would know that he does not leave beer, I don't care what is going on that man would never leave a cooler full of beer! Was this the Goatman? Who knows, I do know that he did see something and that he was terrified. To this day his story has never changed or his Wife's story. Of course when you all get together in a group and are drinking people can tell stories, make up things, and freak one another out but this was not something they were doing. This was a hangout that all the kids went to, just happened that this time they seen something that none of them ever had before and it scared them to death! True or not, this was a story that all of us have shared through the years and its based on our local Urban Legend. Pretty cool but I would of been freaked out too!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Making a tender Roast.

Well, I am not going to lie and say that I have always made a good Roast because its just NOT true! I was a horrible cook when I first married 15 years ago. I learned through the years and my husband is a "Meat and Potato" kind of guy. I would ruin so many Roasts, Steaks, Pork Chops and even burgers! They were always to dry!

Well I invested in buying a Dutch Oven and its been the BEST thing that I have bought yet for our kitchen. You can make anything in it, even bake a cake! Its just like a cast iron skillet but its a pot with a lid. Mine is enamel coated so you can wash it with soap unlike traditional cast iron where you just use water so you don't ruin them. I love it. I put a Roast in that and let it sit for hours on low, it never burns and the worst thing that happens is the meat FALLS off from being so tender! Not so bad huh?

I had many dinners where I was upset over food not turning out. This solved my problem! I make this Roast and put it with a cup of water and pack of Lipton Onion Soup and let it simmer. It would make great Roast beef and gravy because it literally falls apart. I add flour to the broth and it makes yummy gravy. Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have a Food related Q&A this week. Not everyone may deal with this issue but there are some parents who are very health conscious and the other one isn't so it may result in some tension. If you can relate, please respond.

Anonymous asks~ I am curious if other Mother's have any rules for eating with their kids, issues with snack time and set meal times? I allow our kids to have a snack after School since they are usually hungry and then make them wait for dinner. Some days my Husband wants to let them eat whatever and whenever they want, I try to make them eat healthy and do not like bringing them candy bars and unhealthy foods a lot. I don't think the kids should have to much sugary foods. Am I the only one who has tension with their spouse over them disregarding our kids health with unhealthy foods or am I too health conscious?

Healthy Mama

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hashbrown Casserole

I got a request this morning for this recipe. Its the Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole. Its a favorite in our house and super easy to make. You can switch it up anyway you like by adding onions or ham. Some people use sour cream to mix with it but we like it just plain. Its also great for gatherings because its really easy and inexpensive to make. I have actually made this for Easter ham dinner, it goes great for breakfast or a side dish. Enjoy and please share! xoxo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Single Parenting

Todays Q&A is asked from a single 26 year old mother of 2 girls, she asks "I have 2 amazing daughters who I raise alone, no child support or help, I work and pay all the bills. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever meet anyone. I get lonely, when I take the girls to school some of the mothers look down on me. I just want some advice. I feel like I will never fall in love or meet someone. Its hard sometimes. I have an incredible life but would love some advice for a single mom, Thanks". Chime in if you like. I replied privately so if any of you would like to offer up anything that would be great.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Most of you know that I started a Q&A where I invited readers from my blog to email questions that they may have about anything they may be facing or curious about, well I have gotten an overwhelming response so I am trying to post the questions and have you all chime in if you like. I truly think that with all of us out there its a great thing to be able to offer up any advice to someone who may be in need. Please feel free to comment.

Anonymous asks,
Sometimes I feel like I am so wrapped up in kids and housework that I feel very unfulfilled, don't get me wrong I love my family but there are some days where I truly feel like when they are grown I will not no what to do with myself! I am looking into some local Church programs for the kids so maybe I can have some time by myself and meet other ladies. Is this normal? I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I do feel like I have "lost" myself. I am happy and wouldn't trade it but I can't talk to anyone because I am afraid they will think I am ungrateful. Thank you.

Who am I?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Jewish Apple Cake

My Grandmother had an apple tree in her back yard that all of us would climb on. I remember picking up apples all over the yard. This was one thing she made often. It reminds me of her. I miss those days playing on that tree.

How to be a "Retro" Housewife

I often get a lot of feedback from people saying that I am too "young" to be Retro. I often reply with telling them that being Retro doesn't mean that I am wearing a dress, high heels and pearls while I vacuum but its a way of thinking for me. To me being the ultimate "Retro Wifey" is doing the things that I seen done in the past with my Mother, my Grandmother, Aunts, and other ladies I seen growing up. I love the idea of being a stay at home Mom. I often feel like I need to defend myself against working Mothers who may take my name and page in an offensive way, yes, I have had MANY ladies email me about it. I mean NO harm by my name, and I have the utmost respect for working mommies, I couldn't do it! I realize not everyone has the ability to stay at home and has to work, others choose to work, or whatever the situation is the bottom line is I respect all mommies and being "Retro" doesn't mean staying at home.

So for me being the ultimate "Retro Wifey" means to put my Husband and kids first. I love to take care of them. I am a caregiver by nature, I always worked in Nursing before having kids so that was my career of choice. Naturally I gravitate towards taking care of others. I guess its my thing! I do it well! Some people have other things that they are good at but for me I realized that I am good at taking care of people, running a house, raising my kids, and being a wife. It took awhile for me to come to that realization because I had other aspirations. I can remember when we had our 1st child and looked into daycare, I thought this would be easy, boy was I wrong! I didn't think that instinct would kick in and I wouldn't be able to part with my baby! The sacrifices we make along the way are not always easy but in the end I think as long as we do our best with the best intentions it will all work out.

So however you run your family is your business, if its staying at home or working out of the house as long as you are at peace with it then I think thats wonderful. We can all be "Retro Wifeys" putting our family first is the most important thing we can do. One day when they are all grown they will look back at us and thank us for our sacrifices. Thats what my prayer is. I hope that I do a great job with my kids and they pass on what I teach them when they have families of their own. Life isn't always easy and being a Wife and Mother surely has its trying times. WIth a strong family and faith in God I believe it will all work out for the best.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Today is sandwich day for dinner. I think I will make some egg salad sandwiches. My kids LOVE PB&J......It will be an easy Dinner. Its going to get cold this weekend so I will be baking up a storm here soon, love it!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I love this time of year and everything about it. The crisp coolness in the air, hot cocoa, sweaters, Ugg boots, leaving the windows open, football and many other things! I remember as a kid I lived for Summer and that was because School was out! Fall was a time of year that I dreaded because School started! Now as an adult most love Fall because kids GO BACK to School and dread Summer cause kids are HOME from School, ha! How things change. I have very good memories of the Fall. Halloween is always a good one, hanging with all the kids in the neighborhood and having parties. Football parties at our home and big Sunday dinners rooting for our team. Thanksgiving is one holiday that lots of memories were made, I love that holiday. Just being with family is one of the best things that I remember. Now with our family I try to recreate and make new memories like I had as a kid. Family is so important, all year round and not just during the holidays. This weekend my mother is coming down to see the kids so I am going to take advantage of that and do some "Fall Cleaning". I am putting all the Summer clothes away & getting the Fall clothing out. I also like to go through the kids toys and clothes they have outgrown this time of year and bag up for the Purple Hearts or another charity that could use it. I feel like that is the least I can do since we are so blessed. What are your favorite things to do in the Fall and what are your memories?