Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ready for Summer?? I am!

I can remember when I was a Teenager shopping for bathing suits were the first thing on my list every Summer!! My Mom would take us to Hecht's or Macy's and we would look at them and try a million on. Of course she wouldn't allow us to wear anything too "skimpy" as she would say. I love the old bathing suits, they are so sexy and reveal MUCH less. I am not going to lie, I wore my fair share of Bikini's before I had kids, now a nice vintage suit to hide some of the skin is right up my alley!!

Look at those prices!

                                                         I love Pastels.

Love these!! Look how sexy they are!

I love these suits. The yellow is so pretty! I really like the one on the right the best. Perfect for Summer!

Women definitely started to show more skin in the 60s. I love the patterns and the colors!!

No blog of bathing suits is complete without a picture of Marilyn.  

                                                And here is Jayne Mansfield.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I am so excited for the summer and camping. Some of my greatest memories of those of camping and spending time with my family and cousins. There is nothing better in my opinion than sitting around a camp fire, roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories and having a relaxing time with loved ones. One day I am going to get a nice sized camper for all of us to be able to enjoy some time in. Right now we stay in cabins at our campground but I really want a camper!! My hubby made this for me, he always told me he would get me a Vintage Shasta!

How nice would it be to have something like this baby? Wow, how awesome. I love the older campers, they have so much character to them. Everything today looks the same. I just love these older ones.

I am on the hunt for a Barbie Camper for my little girl. She would LOVE this thing. I think my youngest son would probably like it too! They love to play with their little dolls and lego's and act like they are a big family, this would go great with all the stuff.  Everyone likes to camp, even Barbie!

Nothing more adorable than this little lit up camper!!

Mickey and the gang like to camp too!!

This is how my Dad would cook for us. We stayed in a tent, back of the truck or my Aunts Winnebago, we loved it!! I can still smell the breakfast cooking. Miss those days. 

I am in LOVE with this camper. 

And this one too.....

I love to look at these pictures and share them with you all. One day I will have one. Right now my number one thing to do is homeschool, take care of my family and enjoy these pictures. I can dream ;)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Glo in the dark mason jars

Super easy, you can do this a few different ways.

First you can use glo sticks, cut the ends and shake the liquid inside of the mason jar, put lid on and then shake it up all over so the liquid covers the inside. Very easy and cheap that way. I suggest parents do this with goggles and gloves because the inside of glo sticks can irritate you if it gets on skin or the eyes, this is not my favorite choice but for adults only its an easy and cheap way.

Second way is to buy glo in the dark paint, that is very easy but can cost a little more $, you just paint the inside of the jar and add little dots to make them look like the Fireflies. This is my favorite to do with the kids since its safer than the glo sticks that you have to break.

Third you can buy glo in the dark nail polish, do this the same way you would with the glo in the dark paint. I like this way because I always have finger nail polish of all colors and like to add purple into the mixture, it looks so pretty!! 

 Doesn't this just SCREAM Summer!!!!? I love this!! Reminds me so much of being a kid and running through the yard catching them. We would remove the glo and rub it on our faces, yes I know we were bad kids!! I do not encourage my kids to do that just so you know ;)

  This is so fun to do for a cookout or those late night talks around a campfire and have these hanging in the trees. Also these are VERY good to use at night lights for the kids in their bedrooms. I just love this time of year!! Why is it that the Summer brings out the sentimental part of me? This time of year and Christmas, I guess because as kids we ALL have good memories of the Summer and the Holidays. I hope you all enjoy. If you make them please send me a picture so I can share these.

Happy glowing!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Favorite funny girl

Lucy is my favorite girl.

Pretty in green.

Love the candid shots.


Love the hat.

Love this couple.


Young Lucy

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vintage Hair

Grandma used this on my hair.

This had the best smell!!

I remember this sticky stuff!! 

Remember the days of playing records?

Every home had a few of these laying around.

This is awesome.

Love this!

Even some cars had record players!

I would LOVE to have this!