Thursday, August 22, 2013


Every little girl has dreamed of having a Barbie, I know I did. Unfortunately, my parents didn't have a lot of money when we were growing up so I always went to my friend Kristen's house to play with hers. Kristen was the girl who had everything, a built in pool, a bedroom to die for, all the Barbies one could want AND all the clothes! I had a blast at her house. Eventually I did get my very own Barbie, Peaches and Cream! I was so happy! I remember how gorgeous her dress was, I had that doll for years. I can't remember what happened to her? I now watch my own little girl play with her Barbies, I can't help but find myself sitting on the floor dressing them, brushing their hair and changing their shoes. Some things stay the same.

I always wanted the big Barbie Dream house. I thought it was so awesome! I would look at it in the Christmas Catalog from Sears and dream that I would get it!! Sadly I never did. Thats ok, I enjoy watching our daughter play with hers.

I love these Barbie Cases, we have got our daughter one but its nothing like these older vintage ones. I would love to find one of these.

I never had a Ken doll or any male doll. This is pretty cool. I bet it would be nice for a collector to have.

I LOVE the Vintage Barbies, I wish I could have all of them in a case! I love the details in their clothing, so cool. Barbies are not the same today in my opinion.

I think a lot of people remember Skipper Barbie. She is pretty cute.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Walt Disney The Story Of Menstruation

  I admit when I first saw this I laughed pretty hard at the tone of the voice the narrator used and how clean cut it was. This is supposedly the 1st ever movie to use the word "Vagina" in it. It was passed around to High Schools first with pamphlets from 1946-51 then I read it was banned.

Wow, there is nothing remotely bad in this!! I guess it was such a conservative time. Very different than from today. I think they need to use more stuff like this today in school. We are homeschoolers and this would be something I would use. Its hard enough to talk to our kids about sex, periods and puberty so why not have clean cut videos like this that we can share and can help us to explain. Yes it may be out of date but the basis of the story never changes, just the tones, the clothing, the music and maybe even the way they talk. I remember in school learning all about this stuff. My parents were not the type to talk to me about any of this. I guess it was hard for them since it was a much harder time for their parents, my grandparents, to explain sex, periods ect... Why is it such a dirty thing for most to talk about? It shouldn't be so hard. I think for me its the embarrassment that goes with it more than the not wanting to talk to them. I want my kids to be educated about sex and safe. I want them to know the dangers but also know its a beautiful thing when shared with the RIGHT person.

 Of course I want all my kids to wait until they are married to have sex and I don't want my daughter to get her first menstrual cycle until she is atleast 18 but I am a realist. I know thats not always how the world works. I can only pray and trust God that I've taught them the right way and they will make wise decisions. So, in the meantime, I'm going to take advantage of this kind of stuff even if it is a little outdated.