Thursday, August 22, 2013


Every little girl has dreamed of having a Barbie, I know I did. Unfortunately, my parents didn't have a lot of money when we were growing up so I always went to my friend Kristen's house to play with hers. Kristen was the girl who had everything, a built in pool, a bedroom to die for, all the Barbies one could want AND all the clothes! I had a blast at her house. Eventually I did get my very own Barbie, Peaches and Cream! I was so happy! I remember how gorgeous her dress was, I had that doll for years. I can't remember what happened to her? I now watch my own little girl play with her Barbies, I can't help but find myself sitting on the floor dressing them, brushing their hair and changing their shoes. Some things stay the same.

I always wanted the big Barbie Dream house. I thought it was so awesome! I would look at it in the Christmas Catalog from Sears and dream that I would get it!! Sadly I never did. Thats ok, I enjoy watching our daughter play with hers.

I love these Barbie Cases, we have got our daughter one but its nothing like these older vintage ones. I would love to find one of these.

I never had a Ken doll or any male doll. This is pretty cool. I bet it would be nice for a collector to have.

I LOVE the Vintage Barbies, I wish I could have all of them in a case! I love the details in their clothing, so cool. Barbies are not the same today in my opinion.

I think a lot of people remember Skipper Barbie. She is pretty cute.


  1. I saved up my own money and ordered my first Barbie from the Christmas catalogue and I still have her!! Loved Barbie! I did a post a while ago on my vintage Barbie fashions.

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