Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vintage Christmas

I love looking at vintage Christmas cards. We send cards out every year. I love getting mail. It seems like no one writes anymore, no cards in the mail, no letters, and we seem to communicate mostly through email and text. It definitely makes it easier to be able to text someone, so I am not going to dispute technology being convenient, but I do think we are missing out on the communication of hearing someones voice or seeing their handwriting. There is something about getting a letter in the mail, it just warms the heart.

I hope you enjoy some of these vintage cards that I found on the internet and pinterest.

I love this pic of the little kids looking at Santa out the window. I remember as a kid peeking out my window Christmas eve hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa. I never did see him ;)

I love this picture. I love the truck, the bookstore, and seeing the man load up the real Christmas tree and put it in the back. It has a real "down home" feel to it. Do you have a real tree or artificial?

I love this picture. Look how nicely dressed the couple is while out Christmas shopping.  I wonder if its Black Friday ;)

This little girl is the cutest. Our daughters always wants to help me in the kitchen. Baking cookies is a must during the holidays. I love this time of year.

Look at the kids in the bed. My brothers and I would always sleep together on Christmas eve. Mom and Dad didn't mind since we were all so excited. We would stay up so late and talk about what Santa was bringing for us. We would peek out the window. I miss being a kid. They were good times. 

There is something about a train and christmas that make me feel like a kid. I guess its because we would put a train under the tree some years. I love that look. You don't see that much anymore. I would love to get a nice train for our kids and put it under, maybe I will have to look for one. Do you put a train under your tree?

Our daughter wants a bike this year. Do you remember your first bike? I do. It was pink Huffy with a basket. I loved that bike. I road it everywhere. I can even remember Dad teaching me how to ride. I was so scared, but he stayed right there with me as a wiggled back and forth. I love this picture. This is the same bike my Dad said he got for Christmas one year.  He swears its the best bike ever. 

We would wake up our parents so early Christmas morning. I don't think they cared at all. They were just as excited as us kids. I love this picture. 

Don't forget the good food during the holidays. I love gathering with the family and eating some good food. Everyone brings a dish, you exchange gifts, and spend time together reflecting on the year. In my opinion there is nothing better than that. Do you cook a big meal on Christmas?  My mother always baked a ham. We would have family over.  I do the same thing with our kids now. This is what memories are made of.  


  1. I love the vintage Christmas cards as well. I have some I bought at an antique shop but I can't bear to part with them so I put them out in an antique plastic sleigh as decoration. I did find some retro looking cards this year that I mailed out. They have a vintage look. I agree, cards are becoming a thing of the past. I'm afraid my grandkids are going to miss out on them completely.

  2. Vintage images are the very best!!

  3. I love all these! I have a collection that is a little more 60's mod - but they are brightly colored and I love 'em!

  4. These cards bring back a time forgotten or never known by some. They are beautiful and thank you for taking the time to share.