Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Times have changed

Every year I tell myself that next year I will be more prepared for the holidays. I will get all my shopping done early, I will save money, and I won't stress over all the traveling that has to be done. So far every year I have failed. It seems like the holidays just sneak up on you. One day its Halloween and the next its Christmas! Maybe it has to do with getting older?

As a kid it seems like the days drag by, especially when you are excited. The anticipation of the holidays and spending time with extended family members is so exciting. I think that todays society is lacking that. At the click of the mouse we can see our distant family, we can talk to them all hours of the day, and we can sit online and look at as many stores items we want. When I was a kid I had to wait for the Sears Big Book to come out so I could see the latest toy or wait for the JC Penny catalog to come out to see the latest fad in clothing. Now I can go to Pinterest and see it and then some. It kinda makes me sad that my kids are growing up in a time where they will never really know what it feels like to call a friend on the phone and have to wait to receive a call back in order to talk to them or tell them the latest gossip. Something about the waiting made it so much more exciting.

However there are many perks to living in a society where we have advanced so much to where we can talk to people across the world through the internet. I would have never dreamed that in a million years we could tweet people in another country or even "talk" to celebrities online. I could never have imagined as I was writing to Pen Pals in School that one day people would no longer write letters but instead they would email people across the world. My kids have no idea what a Pen Pal even is! I miss those days.

There are many ways though that things are better. Like meeting new people that I would have otherwise never had a chance to and learning so many things just by reading online. To me the internet is like a huge encyclopedia. There is literally unlimited knowledge at your fingertips. I am thankful that I grew up in a time where I was able to experience these things. I am even more glad that I can share them with my kids now even if they can't experience them first hand.

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