Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flit Spray

I posted this picture on my page today & many people remembered seeing this at their homes growing up being used to spray for bugs.

Here is an ad I found. Its amazing to me the stuff we used many years ago that is now banned. Launched in 1923.

"Quick, Henry, the Flit!"

Theodore Seuss Geisel (Dr.Seuss) did the artwork campaigning the product before he became the Children's Writer. Do you see a resemblance to anyone in this picture? Hmmm, maybe the Grinch?

One thing is true, I learn something new everyday. I love it!!


  1. I especially thought seeing it was improved with DDT was, er, dating it? :-)

  2. Hi, I commented on your page that my son gave me one of these. It's nice to know a little history on it. ♥

  3. Almost all "bans" are done so because of two reasons. One is $, and the other is politics. When it came to the miracle chemical DDT, it was both. DDT is cheap and effective. A Nobel prize was awarded to Muller in 1948 for discovering DDT's insecticidal properties. DDT won WWII in Italy, it saved the lives of the holocaust survivors, it eradicated malaria and bedbugs along with other disease in the United States. DDT is as safe as apple juice. Rachael Carson was a radical, the EPA is rogue, and the ban on DDT was purely political. It was the leftists and eugenics crowd that wanted non whites to perish from malaria in the third world. And that is just what they got since the 1972 ban on DDT.