Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I love Lucy

A little Saint Patricks Day love from Lucy

So young in this picture. I can never get used to her without the red hair. Lucille Ball and red hair go hand in hand. She was a wonderful talented actress and comedian. She is truly missed. They do not make them like her anymore. 

America's favorite funny girl. She was so funny that I think people overlooked just how beautiful she really was. She started out as a Model. She was very talented.

Both of them were wonderful talents. I never miss an opportunity to watch I love Lucy.

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  1. We love Lucy, too. Actually, we watch and collect The Lucy Show--the show right after the I Love Lucy era. They are so funny. Nothing on tv today compares to this kind of humor. Do you notice that today humor has to be either crude or cruel to get laughs?