Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summertime memories

There is something about the Summer that instantly brings me back to being a kid. Its a combination of things, the warm nights, swimming, fire flies, camping, camp fires, roasting marshmallows, riding bikes and getting into mischief. I was very fortunate to have close friends as a young girl and teenager that I still talk to and see to this day. I think we all have a few people that when we think of them we are transported to a time where we were carefree. Its funny how a certain smell or song becomes a time machine to your childhood. I am listing some things that remind me of my childhood.

2 Of my favorite movies.

When I was growing up Madonna came on the scene and took over! I wore an iron on Madonna T-Shirt to the Ocean one Summer and it was so hot the print melted onto my bathing suit! Good times!

I remember buying this sunblock in purple and loved it!! I have pictures of me with it all over my face.

I loved this Barbie!! Peaches and Cream.

 My favorite perfume, I still wear it!

I loved OP Shorts, who didn't?


LOVED these bracelets. 

Renting VHS Tapes and having Sleepovers

Catching lightening bugs

I still remember my Dad buying this and putting it in the yard, he would slide with us. 

                               I remember watching this with my BFF.

       We literally made ourselves sick riding this at the local Carnival.

The "hot guy" in our neighborhood had a Camaro. Its my favorite car, everyone has a "older hot brother" of their friend growing up.

                  Heart. We wore this album out! Heck, I still do!

                                            Smells so good!!


  1. I love ALL your memories! Takes me back! I must be just a little older than you, because Chicago, REO Speedwagon, and those bands were my favorites. The Breakfast Club was my favorite movie, along with anything that Molly Ringwald did. I used to spend hot summer afternoons with my Barbies in those round blue hospital pans, which of course were swimming pools. Every now and then one of them would sneak off on a horse with my brother's Geronimo Indian doll. Who knows what they go in to?? :) Love your page, love your FB posts.

  2. I very much enjoy your posts on FB ~ didn't realize you blogged as well. Born in 1958, your posts take me back to what 'seemed' like the good old days. In reality, even the good old days had troubles. But it's fun to look back and appreciate the simpler times. Thanks for posting!

  3. When I was young, we would go to Gainesville, Tx to see my grandparent's from both sides. My mom would give me, my brother, and my sister a dollar to spend. This was in the 60's, so that was a lot of money for an 8 year old! All three of us and my 2 cousins would walk about 4-5 blocks to a small mom and pop grocery store. I would buy a 10 cent coke, a small bag of chips which together was 25 cents. Then the rest of it went for penny candy. 75 pieces of candy! I thought I was rich! Then in the evening while the adults talked, my grandmother would give us a canning jar to catch fireflies. When we went to bed late at night, the windows would be open and a nice, cool breeze and the crickets chirping would always lull me to sleep.

  4. I live a street away from where I grew up. Today I sat out back to enjoy the coolness of the morning and the sweet smell of honeysuckles. I was 12 again. I looked down into the woods that I grew up in, playing with the other kids. It was safe back then to go off and flip rocks in search if salamanders or the occasional frog or Gardner snake. Memories of my childhood flashed in my thoughts. I thought about walking down the field to get closer to the honeysuckle and remembered the time my husband went and dug one up and got a bad case of Ivy poison. The quiet was interrupted by the kids on my moms street now off from school, getting ready to go to the pool. I had spent many days at our community pool. Back when every mom was your mom and would reprimand you like you were their own. No repercussions. It took a village to raise a child and it was awesome. You couldn't get in trouble cause everybody had an eye on you. I met my hubby at that pool and made many friends. I am glad I grew up in an age that dads went to work and mom stayed home. I noticed last week while sitting out one night that the lightening bugs are out. Tonight the bats are out ....and before I know it, the locust will be chirping just like in years past. This year is different though. I can't walk down the field to check on my mom. She passed in December. But I have wonderful memories if the summers spent here. The BBQ's, trips to the Jersey shore, rides out to Lancaster, Dorney Park, Great Adventure. Summer. Awesome memories. Thanks mom and dad and thanks Retro for letting me share.

  5. Ahhh the 80s...good times! xox

  6. Summer for me meant trips to the beach,catching fire flies,visiting my favorite aunt,spending more time with my cat,watermelon,fireworks,block parties,and staying outside well after dark. And riding my bike for hours.

  7. THIS brings back so many good memories!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Ah, those were the days! Staying out until the street lights came on, long bike rides around the neighborhood, climbing trees...I gotta go outside. Thanks for the great read.

  9. "Stand by me" ist my favorite film since I first saw it in 1986. I wonder about the pic of the other movie... I guess I recognize Chriszina Ricci. What is the name of the movie? I want to see ist! Greetings from Köln, Germany :)