Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I've been MIA from blogger world for to long! Its something I would like to do more but rarely do I have moments of clear thinking with all the screaming, playing, crying and fighting with the kids these days. I am really aggravated as I write this post. This past week has been particularly hard, we had a big family gathering over Mother's Day weekend and added a birthday into the mix, there were lots of adults and kids here and some kids that had been burning up with a fever that the parents so conveniently forget to tell us! Well fast forward a few days after and my 2 year old little girl is burning up and wheezing out of nowhere! I take her to Patient First right away, they swab her nose, comes back positive of the freaking flu!! I was so upset. See, just a few years ago when H1NI was sweeping across the Country, a friend of ours teenage son died from it. Naturally I hear flu and I'm in a panic! The Doctor said she had strain B, H1NI was in strain A, but the Flu is evil in any strain. So lots of tylenol, fluids, make her comfy and drive all over town for the prescription Tami Flu we were given. That was super hard to find because ALL our local pharmacies were SOLD OUT! The Flu has hit hard here! Doctor said that they have never seen the flu hit this late and this hard. Its a different strain they are not used to, that scares me even more! After a few days of Tami Flu and sleepless nights my girl is on the upswing, here comes the fever to the boys, then me and now hubby. Isn't it lovely when you have kids and there are parents who could care less about exposing your kid to THEIR kids germs? I know its not right but I get so freaking angry! I am always very careful to not take my kids around others when they are ill. Its just common courtesy, I mean that is parenting 101. I can't wait to sanitize this whole house down, I've been cleaning the bathroom, knobs, counters, remotes and anything else I can with lysol wipes and using bleach. Ugh. Its been a rough one. Since this flu is lingering and really spreading keep an extra eye on your kids, just to be extra cautious..Thanks for the rant, that felt good..