Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Woman

I have heard many times the comment "If it wasn't for Eve" that there would not be pain in childbirth, the bible never says that childbirth was without pain, it was made more severe though Genesis 3:16. Eves sin has trickled down. That is how sin is, there are consequences for it. However, I think that Eve is a woman who we should have sympathy for. Just try to picture her life, she is the first woman, wife, mother, grandmother, and mother in law...All these things except 1 is missing and that is "daughter". Eve had no mother to help guide her, give her advice, teach her to cook or be a good wife. Eve was on her own without the help from God. I wonder how I would be if I had no friends, family or a mother? Who in the world would I talk to? I bet Adam wished sometimes Eve would be quiet! After all she had nobody else but him. Until, she became a mommy, then Eve had her boys Cain and Abel...I bet she was so happy with being a mother, the 1st mother! I wonder how she dealt with all the issues of 1st time mothers, earaches, sickness, teething, fussiness and so on. There were no resources at all for Eve, she was literally going on natural instinct. Obviously as the boys grew there became issues between the brothers. I think we all as parents know how that feels, kids are fighting, screaming and yelling. We usually play referee and I am sure Eve had to on many times as well. Except one day, Eve wasn't there to play, the unthinkable happened. Murder. I can only imagine, and that would not begin to touch the surface of how Eve felt to have had been the first mother to bury a child. That is so heartbreaking to me, I wonder did she have anyone to hold her while she cried, a person to talk to about her pain, someone to listen other then Adam? I love my husband and confide in him in everything but sometimes its nice to have that "girlfriend" that we can really open up too and that can also relate to us. I heard a pastor talk about the death of his child and said that there is NO emotion to go with the death of a child because its so unnatural, its natural for us to bury our parents, even our spouses but our kids that is just not the way things work. Eve has my sympathy. From one mother to another the pain that she suffered in the death of her child really makes me feel for her on a level that I have never thought before. So she usually gets the bad rap as the one who ruined it for everyone, and there is forever consequences for our sin but I am thankful that we have Jesus and that we can be forgiven, saved and have that relationship with God. There are alot of women in the Bible that we look at for a way we should act, or what kind of life we want to model after, I can say that Eve is not one that I envy, but she has my sympathy. I would love to hear what you think and what woman you admire or can sympathize with? Thanks for reading.


  1. I loved it. Never thought of it in this light before. It opened my eyes to a different point of view and I like that!

  2. Thanks MM, It did that to me too as I was pondering on different Women throughout history ect....I love when I have those "Aha" moments, lol...Do I sound like Oprah? lol