Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas memories

       Christmas had to be started off right and that would be with Rudolph and Frosty. We waited all year for these cartoons.

One year I will have an aluminum Christmas tree to make my Retro Christmas complete.   

The wishbook was like another present. My brothers and I would look for hours and hours. We would circle everything we wanted Santa to bring us.

         Higabee's department store window display. Higabee's went all out for the Holidays.

  I remember my Grandmother making this cake. I love the vintage recipes. Holidays are not complete until cookies and cakes are baked. We make a whole bunch of cookies for the neighbors. Kids love to help me.

  I do really like these aprons. I never remember a time where my Grandmother didn't have one on. 
I love to look at the pictures and reminisce about the good old days.

  I am not sure if I like all this. I do enjoy looking at the different holiday decor though.  I love to decorate for all the holidays.


  1. Love the blog!!! I want an aluminum tree too!!!

  2. I love the aprons, too! I have a few vintage Christmas aprons that are just as cute as the ones in your photo. I have thought about re-making some vintage look ones for the holidays. I do wish I could fin an aluminum tree! I also think no Christmas is complete without Rudolph, even though I do think Santa was a little mean to him!! Love all your retro pictures, even the last one! It looks like a candy store!! Your blog makes me smile!

  3. Christmas just isn't Christmas without Rudolph, Frosty, and of course, Charlie Brown!