Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Memories of Grandma's House

Every Grandparents house I visited had a Fruit cake. I have never liked them personally, I did however always buy my Grandparents one. I miss those days. 

Grandma's house was within walking distance to Woolworth's so my brother and I would walk there just to look at the most recent toys. We loved it there.

Every dish in my Grandmom's house had these candies in them. As kids we loved to take handfuls and put them in our pockets to take home for later. My brother and I loved the Raspberry Candy that had the chewy center.

Grandma always had her Christmas Tree adorned with these bright bubble lights. Today the lights on our Tree are so dim, with these lights you only needed on strand! They would brighten any Tree up. I love them. I would love to find a few packs for my Tree today.


  1. Oh how I love this post!! Can you believe I have NEVER tasted a fruitcake?! I am on a mission this Christmas to make one from scratch using one of my vintage cookbooks.
    I do however remember those candy dishes filled with those chewy centered candies!! Some had stripes on them, some were square. Great memories!

  2. Can you believe I've never tasted one either, I just don't think I like it haha!! I would make one though :) Lets do it! Lets share a recipe...

  3. Let's!!! I have TONS of recipes in my old cookbooks...I'll start scouring for one that is classic, but yet would taste good....hopefully LOL!

  4. Mom always made light and dark fruit cakes, I always liked it although I've never made one myself as nobody else in my family cares for it. Thankfully, I have a friend who sends me some every Christmas! I think fruitcake is either something you love or hate!

  5. My grandmother used to deliver mail (we live in a small town in NC). During Christmas, she would get sooo many lovely gifts from the families on her route and one of the ladies used to make homemade fruit cake. So for the longest time, I never understood WHY people would always say they hated fruit cake...up until I had a store bought cake. YICK.

  6. Awww..Thank you for reminding me about my Grandma's Christmas candy bowl. I too, Loved the Raspberry ones! Grandma also had a plastic gum-drop tree. Hmmm...wondering now, where that went? Thanks for the Great memory! xoxo

  7. Wonderful post. I'm one of the few people who loves fruit cake!