Thursday, November 1, 2012

This day in history.....

This day in history a great film was made with a wonderful actor, that film was Cool hand Luke with Paul Newman. I remember watching this with my husband. He loves this movie so much that he bought the DVD one evening and said he wanted us to watch it. Well, I wasn't to sure if I wanted to because it didn't sound interesting. Boy was I wrong. Anything that Paul Newman acts in is wonderful. He is right up there in the category with Hollywood's finest, Carey Grant, Brando, James Stewart, and John Wayne. There are many more but these are some I grew up seeing on our TV. My mother loves the old films and would always have one playing on the TV. I also admire Mr.Newman's relationship with his equally wonderful actress wife Joanne Woodward. Together they look like a couple of beauty stars more then movie stars.

Mr.Newman also was a kind man who gave lots of money to charity. What most remember are his movies but one thing to really remember was his kind heart, his charity he started and the kids he has helped since.

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