Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Its the great pumpkin Charlie Brown

I can remember as a kid being so excited to watch this show. I loved Charlie Brown, I still do. I can remember sitting with my hair wet and pjs on in front of the TV with some popcorn and my brothers watching this. There was an excitement that came from watching these cartoons, you know why? I will tell you. Its because we ONLY got to watch them during the Holidays! They were not on VHS, DVD, DVR, Youtube, Tivo and any other electronic device or gadget. It seems today that nobody anticipates anything. We know what's going to happen the minute it does thanks to Twitter, Facebook and all the other social networking sites. Not saying it's a bad thing. These things can be of great help but when it comes to simple things like cartoons it seems by the time they come on I am sick of them! I have watched Rudolph 15 times through out the Summer so by Christmas I am over it! I said in a previous post that I am going to start to limit the amount of gadget time that we all have here and I mean it. I want to cut back on the TV, Ipad, X-box and the Wii for a bit. I know it will be hard at first but I am curious to see how well we can handle it. With the Holidays coming up I want to spend more time as a family and not so much on the games. I think sometimes we use them in excess and don't even realize it since we are so used to it. Tonight I can't wait to watch this with my kids. It still reminds me of being a kids myself. I love making memories with them. Have a safe Halloween everyone xoxo

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