Monday, January 14, 2013

Cast Iron Fried Chicken

  A lot of people have requested my recipe for my Fried Chicken. I do not have a fancy recipe, its fairly easy and it may take a few times to get it down right. I was notorious for not being able to Fry Chicken properly, I finally mastered it and my Husband has been super happy ever since! So basically you need to get yourself a good Cast Iron Skillet. They are pretty inexpensive and you can make so many different things in them. Nothing taste as good as it does in Cast Iron then Chicken!

  So once you get your Skillet you need to make sure you have plain Crisco. Get Flour and Italian Bread Crumbs and mix half and half in a big bowl. Get another bowl and take about 3 eggs and whip them up with a dash of Tabasco Sauce, few TBSP of Milk and a dash of Salt and Pepper. While the oil is heating in the Skillet dip your Chicken in the Egg mixture a few times then transfer to the bowl of Flour mixture the repeat 2 times, this will give it thicker skin and crust on the Chicken. Shake any excess Flour off then gently place in Skillet. I usually cook on each side of Chicken about 10 min. You really need to keep an eye, when the juices run clear then its done but I do 10 min per side. Of course if you are cooking bigger pieces like the Breast, you will need to probably fry a little longer. You could buy a meat thermometer too and check that its 170. I have one but usually I can just tell by eyeballing the Chicken.

  I always let my Chicken drain on brown paper bags. It soaks the oil up the best!! It may take a few times to get the hang of it. I always overcooked my Chicken because I was afraid it wouldn't be done so it would be so dry! Thank goodness I have figured it out now. Also, you can turn the oven on 350 and if you are unsure the Chicken is done I have popped it in there for about 10 minutes and it taste just as good and does not dry out at all!! Enjoy, let me know if you try it. I would love to hear feedback!!


  1. I am like you were... always afraid of undercooking. Ive mastered chicken strips but when its on the bone it is trickier. I will give this direction a try. Thank you! It is always a pleasure reading your posts!

  2. A Friend told me to stick a fork to the bone when you are frying chicken when it is half way done. Have done this and it seams like the holes from the fork opens the meat up a little so it will cook to the bone.