Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Retro Food Ads

Yummy. I still love this stuff! I like to switch it up with Hamburger and Shredded Cheese. Its called Cheeseburger pie. Its really good. You can use anything you like and they are fool proof. 

My kids love these crackers!

Popular Soda when I was growing up. Equivalent to about 3 cups of coffee!

Dr. Pepper Cake. Grandma made these. LOVE it, still do. I can't wait to make.

I LOVE these cupcakes. They look so yummy. I have to make these for my kids. Simplicity at its finest.

School lunches were always the best!! Bologna and Cheese was my favorite. LOVED them and still do.


  1. The Dr. Pepper Cake recipe sounds so yummy!

  2. Great post, love the old ads, I did a similar one yesterday but the topic was a vintage kitchen.

  3. Originally Hamburger Helper was a soy protein extender meant to get more meal out of the meat...