Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

These lovely Canisters are my $6 Thrift Store find. I just love the Strawberries on the vines, so 1970ish.

I LOVE Books, I will scour every Thrift Store in town just to look through them. To me they are like little hidden treasures that one day will be extinct with all the E-Readers, Kindle, Nook and Computers. I try to hold on to all my books and refuse to get rid of them.

Totally in LOVE with these Vintage small Glasses. So cute. 


  1. Love those canisters!!! What a find!

  2. Love the cannisters!! are they the McCoy strawberry ones?? sure do look like them :) - they aree awesome as are the coffee cups!

  3. Great book finds, Mommy Dearest is out of print.