Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crying, Crackers and Chaos!

Crying, Crackers and Chaos pretty much sum up my morning. Kids are at the table having some breakfast and instead of sitting quietly and eating they decided to fight over the crackers, as if having their own pack wasn't enough, smash them EVERYWHERE and then cry! So I am trying to sip my coffee while stalking Facebook in the corner on my chair ignoring them and it wasn't working to well. Why is it that Mr.Retro can watch a movie as long as "Gone with the Wind" and be oblivious to the noises around him but I hear one whimper and I am up and tending to everyone, Argh. Sometimes I wish I had that in me where I could sleep through a hail storm! Thats a skill I need to master! Kids are so unpredictable, while I am cleaning the cracker mess off the floor and my back is killing me, they all are sitting at the table the next minute watching "Little Angels" as if they were ones themselves. Its these moments that sum up the word "Mommy" and I love every minute of it, well sometimes...Hope you all have a great day with your little angels.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! My husband can sleep thru anything but I am up for everything! I guess that's just what being a mom is all about!