Thursday, February 2, 2012

I don't think I've ever met one person who has said they don't "Love Lucy", however as much as we love her there were some disturbing things on the show. For instance, ricky always threatened to spank lucy. There is nothing at all ok with that, even if it was the 50s and before most women had a voice its never ok to put your hands on another person. I love watching the show but I did have to explain the other day while watching with our oldest that is not ok to touch your spouse or anyone. Of course we always emphasize to our boys that "you never hit a girl", really you never hit anyone. Domestic Violence or abuse of any kind should never be tolerated. I will continue to watch Lucy, I just love them but it was not uncommon for a wife to be spanked. I am sure my hubby has wanted to spank me on more then one occasion and I know I would love to spank him! Of course we never do it. I love the old days, thats obvious, but I don't like the way women were considered to be beneath the man. I can remember my grandmother telling me that it was not uncommon for a man to spank or hit his wife for not doing the laundry properly, or making dinner on time. I know that my dear grandmother herself was on the end of such abuse quite a few times. While I love to reminisce about "The good ole days" there are many things about it that I am glad no longer exist. The perfect family to me no matter what year we live in is a family where all members are treated equally, with unconditional love, respect and kindness. I just felt I wanted to post this today, no reason in particular and I'm not trying to "bash" lucy's show because that was a way of life for them but I really am glad certain things about the old days have changed and treatment of women being the number 1.

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  1. But there is another kind of spanking which is wanted by some couples, either by the husband or wife which is nothing to do with putting the other down. Just thought I'd mention it. Some love it just for bedroom reasons.