Monday, March 19, 2012


I said awhile ago I was going to make a point to try and blog on Mondays about what my blessings were and what I was Thankful for instead of having the Monday morning dread, so here it goes. This Monday I am Thankful for modern day conveniences. I have a good friend of mine who has to buy prepaid minutes for a phone and we have unlimited, doesn't that sound so dumb, but I am blessed to not have to watch every minute I'm on the phone! These things that seem so small are the very things we rely DAILY on. We have cable, my friend doesn't, we have internet and she doesn't. She complains to me about how she wishes they had the money for these "small" things and I complain that there is nothing to watch! Go figure! It really makes you look and reflect on whats important and wants not. I want to raise my kids that even though we are blessed to have those things they are not necessities. This day and age thats a hard thing to do since we live in such a fast paced Society. I am trying though, and I am also trying to change my outlook. I hope you add to the list of what your blessing are too!

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