Friday, March 9, 2012


Who doesn't love a Friday, its the day we long for all week long! I can remember in School making plans and praying Friday would come fast so we could get together and have our sleepovers, go skating, to the pool hall, the movies and lets not forget the Mall. Boy how times have changed, while I still long for Friday its just in a different sense now, I long for the weekend so I have an extra set of hands here to help me with the kids, someone to help me do the laundry, help me give baths, feed the kids, do their homework and projects, take the Dog to the vet and the list goes on. Funny, when you are a kid you would NEVER be caught going to bed by 9 on a weekend, as a teenager I was just walking out the door at 9 now I can't keep my eyes opened. Yes this thing called parenting has turned me into a boring person, I am in bed by 9, keep ben-gay by my nightstand for those aches, drink coffee to wake up and I love every minute of it! I know its totally "cliche" to say things to your kids like "One day you will see", my parents said that to me but boy how true is it? Your whole life changes with a family and its such a blessing. We usually have on Fridays a movie, pizza and let the kids stay up late so its fun for them to look forward to that day as well. Its a nice time to bond with the kids with us all here and no hurries for bedtime and other things. So happy Friday, relax, enjoy the family and the weekend cause come Monday its back to the same old grind and we need the weekend to charge up!


  1. I love Fridays too! As your kids grow up, the reasons for anticipation will change again. I look forward to going on adventures with my husband that are always less than 2 hours from where we live. Soon, with the birth of our first grandchild I am sure our reasons will once again change. I look forward to that!

  2. Awe congrats on the first grandbaby!! I can't wait to spend time alone again with my hubby but I know that usually means my kids will be older and that I can wait for, I will miss them so much!