Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mad Men Mania

Mr.Retro asked me "What's so great about this Mad Men show"? He doesn't watch it ever, matter of fact the retro loving woman I am didn't even start to watch until this past year and I am not even caught up on all the episodes. There is something very appealing about this show, of course it has all the drama that a modern day soap opera but there is more to it, its almost like watching history. The clothes, the decor the way people talked, I mean really did people say "Swell" that much!? I love it! I can't get enough, its like Beatlemania to me, except Mad Men Mania! I love the fact that there are shows that actually have made it set in that era. Everything is so advanced today that its nice to see the days when there were no computers, cell phones, video games ect...Its refreshing to see the kids in the parks, or birthday parties outside with ponies and cookouts. I just love it. Of course seeing Mr.Draper is an added plus! My oldest made me a Man Men Lego set today. I just love it. I can't wait to watch season premier tonight!! Who's with me?!

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