Friday, March 2, 2012


Things my kids say that I just love:
1. I love that all my kids call me "mama". My daughter is notorious for holding onto my leg and saying "Mama" in the softest voice ever, it just melts my heart.
2. My youngest boy always says he loves me "ever".
3. My oldest cracks me up and swears that whenever he gets married if his new wife doesn't like his mom he will just "kick her out" lol. Of course I tell him different but secretly I crack up!
4. My oldest is the biggest helper, he always says things like "You rest ma and I will watch the kids" or "You deserve a break, everything you do its for us".
5. My little ones always yell "Mama, are you" when they can't find me.
So many things they say that just makes me melt. Of course everything I do is for them, thats our jobs as parents. I hope and pray that I raise kids who are sensitive to the needs of others and who grow up to be a great addition to society. When my oldest talks about "kicking out" a future wife I have to laugh, right now I am their world but one day I do know that they will marry, have kids of their own, and have a life outside of mine. I get nervous to think of that, I also get excited to see what they will become. I want the best for them and pray for them and their futures. I can still remember being a young girl and my parents were my whole world, I remember a time when I went to school and cried because I missed them so much. Ah, to be young again and not have any cares and be so full of love. I have a long way to go before my kids are out of the house but its never to early to start to prepare and train them for the World and prepare my heart for them to be gone. I often hear people talk about "Empty Nest" syndrome and most say that it happened so fast, they just never thought the day would come. Its never to early to prepare for anything, I really believe that. So whether its just taking in the small things my kids say and really appreciating them or just spending time with them coloring I am going to appreciate and really absorb every moment. I hope you will too!


  1. Yep. Take note and enjoy them at every stage. A very sweet reminder.

  2. Thanks ladies. I know that this time sure will go fast, I think its good to have a reminder because we tend to sometimes take things for granted, we are all guilty sometimes of that.