Monday, April 16, 2012

Fried Chicken

Yummy, one of my hubby's favs. I don't make it super often but we do love some friend chicken, its so fattening though because it only taste good in the crisco! So I try not to make it all the time. I like to get a whole chicken, cut up, use some italian bread crumbs mixed with flour, dip the chicken in the egg and shake in the flour and get to frying. Sometimes I like to pop it in the oven towards the end because for some reason I have a major phobia about chicken not being cooked all the way. I think its better when you pop it in the oven. I think it holds in the juices in more. Anyway I always make a gravy, potatoes and some broccoli and cheese with it. Cant have to many carbs so I must add a green. I think tonight I may make a red velvet cake too, I've been craving one of those suckers for awhile now. Since its so close to summer I really need to cut back on all this baking and cooking! Its so hard when you love to cook. Well anyways I'm off for some evening baths and relaxation. I hope you all have a great night.

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