Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Old Hollywood

~~~~~~~~~Sometimes I admit that I get so caught up in the past era's that I lose sight of how things really are today. We have a very old fashioned family in that we have our "roles" that we all bring to the relationship and they are not always what people agree with. Just like old Hollywood, I love watching the old movies where woman wore dresses and makeup, always very ladylike, the men in suits and still opened the car doors. Now I know its a movie, its not always how it was but isn't it nice to have these films where we can take a step back in time and get a little slice of what it may have been like? There is something about them that make me feel like a child, maybe its because I grew up with my mom watching the old films. We always watched The Academy awards and it was like a big deal, mom would take popcorn and put it in a brown paper bag and pop it in the microwave, yes we didn't have gourmet microwavable popcorn yet! I'm really not even that old! Something about those movies that bring out the memories in us. I am so thankful we have them. There are few actors and actresses today that can even hold a candle to those back then. Now we are a family that watches modern day shows, but, its nice to take a step back in time once in awhile and feel what it must have been like even if its only for a few hours.


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  3. I agree with you. The class and glamour of the Hollywood classics are unique...I wish I could have been born in the 1920's that way I would have been a lady during the 40's and 50's....the world could learn so much from the past!