Monday, April 2, 2012

Handprint Easter Lily's

So today the kids and I made some crafts, this week we will be doing all kinds of fun stuff in preparation of Easter a Holiday that we LOVE.....You will need:
Pipe Cleaners, purple yellow and green.
Scissors to cut them,
little hands for prints
and some white construction paper to trace them.

Trace your hand on white paper and cut out. Curl the ends of the fingers on the cut out to make them look like a flower.
Take a short length of yellow pipe cleaner and twist it to the end of a long green pipe cleaner then wrap the handprint around it. You need to fool with it to make them stay on, I used some glue stick and it worked fine. Then take a purple pipe cleaner and add them all together in a bunch and make a purple bow. I used some old glass jars and put them in those to give to the grandparents and used some Easter stick on's for our windows and put on the glasses to decorate them.

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