Thursday, April 12, 2012

Social Networking

So many changes with all these Social networking sites that I'm getting very confused. I don't like change to much. I get used to something and I don't like to change from it AT ALL! Hubby has been trying to get me an iPhone and I'm so used to mine that I'm unwilling to change and he thinks I'm crazy. They say all this technology is supposed to make life easier but for me sometimes it complicates it more, and Lord knows I don't need anymore complications! As much as I love blogging and getting on Facebook I will admit that I miss the days of having to grab a book to occupy my mind, or going out and sitting on the patio with friends and family to pass time. I fear that with all the technology those things will get lost. I really try to make it a point for our family to spend those kind of moments together because its scary to think that their generation is going to grow up and probably not know what its like to sit down and just read a good book without it being on the iPad or kindle. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my kindle/ipad they are very convenient but my fear is they are replacing the quality time we should have with one another and the appreciation for a good paper back book. Emails are taking place of phone calls, iPads are taking place of good conversation and the internet is taking place of family time. I try to limit the amount during the day that my kids are on them and the TV. I will say that there are days where we just chill and watch whatever and its sort of an anything kinda goes day, BUT, I do make that time because its so important, I want my kids to grow up knowing that spending quality time with one another is what brings us closer and its what family is all about. These things are awesome tools for reaching out to people we would never have the chance to, for education, we use it for homeschool all the time and for connecting with family and friends we would otherwise would be unable too. I just pray that I'm mindful of my time and my families time using them.

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