Friday, July 27, 2012


Ok, I usually don't post or blog about this sort of thing but in doing some research into the 30s and 40s I came across this picture of a Lysol Ad and douching. They are 2 words that should NEVER be used together! It amazes me the way people would think back then. With no internet, google, Facebook or any other type of information at hand people took to advertisements as true and acceptable ways to do things. Thank GOD that we now live in a time where there is the ability to research things ourselves to make the choice if its right or wrong, however, I'm pretty sure this would be something I would NEVER do! I find it mind boggling that any woman would think that this is ok?? Really?? Maybe I am missing something, I don't know or maybe its my years of being in Nursing but to me this just isn't ok even if its printed! At first I thought this was a hoax, unfortunately its not. I love the "Retro" era, clothing, styles, music, family values ect...but I don't love the lack of knowledge a lot of people lacked! I am so very thankful today that we live in a time where while we are still learning new things, especially about woman's health, we are moving forward and not stuck with a naive mentality. Who agrees?


  1. As horrified I am to see that ad, I have to admit I am not surprised. So many people in the past were so naive, ignorant or gullable instead of having common sense....but there will always be people who follow ridiculous ads....I saw a tv show the other day that showed Roma gypsies using clorox to brush their teeth! Loco! Thanks for sharing this .