Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Flag

I've said so many times before that Monday's are a drag! Its either the truth or its in our heads but Monday always comes with dread of the long week ahead. I have really tried to program my way of thinking that is a blessing to even see a Monday. God knows I'm thankful just to be here another day. So with this Monday we will be doing some 4th of July crafts and learning activities and talk about how we are thankful for our independence and our freedom. Some cool things we learned about our flag are ; George Washington originally wanted to flag to have 6 point stars until Betsy Ross sewed a 5 point and then they changed their minds, Originally the colors of the flag were the British Kings colors, then it was changed to Red White and Blue which Red represents Victory, White Purity, and Blue means Loyalty. How nice to know the meaning behind things, even though its simple things like a 6 point star changed to a 5 it helps you to understand how much thought was given into our Flag. Sometimes things that have most meaning are in the little details. I think its awesome that a woman was the one who changed the Presidents mind. Gives me a better appreciation for Betsy Ross. Also, Katherine Lee Bates wrote America the Beautiful which was later turned into music. Again, another woman who had a hand in the history of our Country, I just love it and it inspires me. Just some little fun facts about our Flag and our Country.

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