Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sexist advertisment

Thank God we have come a long way in this World! This was common advertisement years ago.I can't imagine how any one would sell anything with using this as their ploy! It really is a disgrace!

Ricky would spank Lucy, it was like they were trying to instill in our minds that men were obviously the dominant partner but also a father figure in some creepy way. I hate when I see this stuff. I am so glad times are different. I still love Lucy though.

Yes, even a woman can open a bottle! Who knew!! Wow, this is one that really gets me because it implies that females are dumb. I know many women who are much smarter then some of these men. Just saying.

Wow is pretty much all I can say to this ad. Keep her where she belongs? I have no words.

Yes, us women are very useful. Who would of known that we would of been able to "hold down the fort" while are men were away fighting?


  1. I still can't watch I Love Lucy for that reason above. Though she is a brilliant comedienne, I can't get over her calling Ricky "Sir" all the time.

  2. I understand. Lucy is universally loved but I don't think many people see that side of the show. I have spoke with other women who were in abusive relationships and feel the same as you, its sad. I do love her and the show but could do without that part in it.

  3. Shocking!!! There are defo some bad things about the 'good old days'!

  4. Thing is in real Life if Ricky ever tried that with her she would have knocked him cold! LOL she was one tough cookie for those times!

  5. These ads just shock me. And, they weren't that long ago! I love your blog and FB page. You post great stuff. Thanks, jen