Sunday, October 28, 2012


I remember all of these toys as a kid, my brothers are younger then me and I remember them playing with these as well. I love the all of these. There is something about looking at a photo and remembering everything about that time. It literally takes you back to that time and place. I have so many clear memories of growing up. I love reminiscing about them. Its such a happy place to go to.

I remember my mom and dad having this for us and keeping it in the car. It's like the 1st IPad!! Wow, times sure have changed! I remember that all 3 of us would have to wait turns for a toy. Nowadays there is an Ipad or Iphone per child in each family.

~Clackers~ How many knuckles did you bust playing with these? My mom said she played with these as a kid too. I never really understood the concept of this other then just clacking the balls, hence the name, Clackers!

~Strawberry Shortcake~ This was my favorite toy ever! I got one for Christmas and was so happy, she smelled so good. I had the Strawberry Shortcake bedspread and thought I was so cool. I was a total girly girl. I loved pink and purple, my sweet dad even painted my bedroom purple as a surprise for me and I LOVED it!

The Cabbage Patch Kids. My mother and Grandmom stood in line to get me one of these. I remember being so happy on Christmas when I got this. She said she stood in line all morning and then was rushed into the store and almost trampled on, it amazes me what a parent will do for a child during the Holidays. I loved this doll so much that I actually decided she needed her hair cut when I had mine cut, my mom was not to happy.


  1. Thats right! I know you love her too!!

  2. I remember these toys too! Wacky Clackers!! So much fun and busted knuckles too!