Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We survived hurricane Sandy! Thank God! Yesterday I made a huge bed in the living room with enough blankets that it actually felt like a mattress on the floor. My kids were loving the change and were playing like they were camping. Kids and their imaginations will make it through anything. I wish us adults were that way at times. I admit that my biggest concern was our safety first of course, then I was praying to God we didn't lose power! I was dreading the idea of having no TV, computers or iPads with the kids. What would they do? I mean they would be so bored! I then suddenly realized how dependent we are on technology and it made me feel very bad. When we were growing up and the power was out the only thing we missed was maybe a TV show. I would grab a book, we would just tell stories, look at a comic or just converse with one another. We have become so spoiled now that the idea of losing our power makes me cringe! It shouldn't be that way, I need to do something to change that. I know that we live in a society where everything is advanced and these gadgets are everywhere but I really want my kids to NOT be so dependent on them. I am going to try to make some changes in the next week little by little and see how it goes, put a limit on the amount of computer and ipad time. This goes for me too, it wont be easy but I am willing to try. Hey, whats the worse that can happen? I fail? I will feel better knowing we tried and every little change can help. I am not saying do away with them all together but maybe just limit the amount of time on them and pull out some of the good old fashioned board games. This should be fun! I will make sure to blog about this one.

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