Friday, October 26, 2012

Homeschool Friday

At least 1 day a week It is pretty much anything goes as far as School is concerned. I think its ok to allow the kids to pick out something they want to learn about as long as you are up on their other subjects. This Friday we are talking about urban legends and myths. Perfect timing since its so close to Halloween. My oldest son is so much like me, he loves to learn about History, conspiracy theories, urban legends, myths and all kinds of unexplained things. Netflix has been a wonderful tool to use for School since they have so many documentaries that we can watch as a family. My son wanted to watch something on crop circles so today we will be talking about that and farms. Great combination! I could let him watch the movie "Signs" with Joaquin Phoenix and Mel Gibson but that might be to scary :) This time of year is such a fun time. I love to tell stories and my kids love to listen. They will occasionally make their own up too. Great way to relax and spend time together. I love to homeschool because you can always add a lesson in to anything we are talking about. Here is a picture of a crop circle that my son thought was cool and wanted to share. What are some things that you and your family do this time of year?

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