Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have a Food related Q&A this week. Not everyone may deal with this issue but there are some parents who are very health conscious and the other one isn't so it may result in some tension. If you can relate, please respond.

Anonymous asks~ I am curious if other Mother's have any rules for eating with their kids, issues with snack time and set meal times? I allow our kids to have a snack after School since they are usually hungry and then make them wait for dinner. Some days my Husband wants to let them eat whatever and whenever they want, I try to make them eat healthy and do not like bringing them candy bars and unhealthy foods a lot. I don't think the kids should have to much sugary foods. Am I the only one who has tension with their spouse over them disregarding our kids health with unhealthy foods or am I too health conscious?

Healthy Mama


  1. I feel bad for the mother here. I am very lucky to be in control of the food in our home. When my husband wants to give them a special treat, or candy, he always asks me first and I really appreciate that. So my answer is no. No tension in that area and I hope her situation improves because I am sure it is very stressful for her.

  2. Its the same here Amy. If my hubby brings in candy or snacks I am the one who passes it out when I say its ok because I know what they eat all day, most men are working so they are unaware. Nothing wrong with candy once in awhile. We had it as kids and survived!! :)

  3. Thankfully I control food as well. After all these years even my husband knows better than to pull out a snack befor dinner! To answer your question, no you are not too health conscious. I don't let my kids eat all day, and when they have a snack they have to ask and get one serving. So far it must be working since none of my kids are overweight, and they all have a healthy relationship with food. Kids need to be taught self control with food.

  4. I agree, they don't need to fill up on snacks before dinner. Having an ice cream or something sweet once in awhile isn't that bad but some kids I see have cheeto's, chips. pizza, nuggets, and chocolate anytime they want! I am glad that my kids love fruits and veggies, of course they like the sweets BUT they would rather eat a big bowl of strawberries then cereal.....