Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I love this time of year and everything about it. The crisp coolness in the air, hot cocoa, sweaters, Ugg boots, leaving the windows open, football and many other things! I remember as a kid I lived for Summer and that was because School was out! Fall was a time of year that I dreaded because School started! Now as an adult most love Fall because kids GO BACK to School and dread Summer cause kids are HOME from School, ha! How things change. I have very good memories of the Fall. Halloween is always a good one, hanging with all the kids in the neighborhood and having parties. Football parties at our home and big Sunday dinners rooting for our team. Thanksgiving is one holiday that lots of memories were made, I love that holiday. Just being with family is one of the best things that I remember. Now with our family I try to recreate and make new memories like I had as a kid. Family is so important, all year round and not just during the holidays. This weekend my mother is coming down to see the kids so I am going to take advantage of that and do some "Fall Cleaning". I am putting all the Summer clothes away & getting the Fall clothing out. I also like to go through the kids toys and clothes they have outgrown this time of year and bag up for the Purple Hearts or another charity that could use it. I feel like that is the least I can do since we are so blessed. What are your favorite things to do in the Fall and what are your memories?


  1. Love the post! Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year too. We set up all the TVs near each other with a splitter and watch all the football games at once! Yep, it's total chaos and I love it!

  2. Oh man, what DON'T I like to do in the fall LOL! Love it so very much. Love your blog tonight too :D Well let's see, you pretty much covered it but I will say that all holiday movies and decor are forbidden all year until the month of that holiday. You know, like some people will watch Christmas or Halloween movies any old time. Not us! We savor our holiday months and it makes it so much better :)

  3. MM I think its BEST to wait until this time of year to start those movie because if you don't, they do not seem to have that same feeling when you watch them! The anticipation builds up when you wait, its so worth it!! Kelli, I need to tell my hubby that trick, maybe we can move our TVs in the same room!!